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Business Solutions or how to start your business with peace of mind

Our team of consultants and lawyers provide you with 360° solutions for your business in Dubai. Whether you are an individual or a company, we have the experience and results-oriented outlook that make us the partners you need by your side to achieve your goals.

Business setup Dubaï

By analysing your project, we offer you the best options at the best prices to start your business in Dubai and we take care of all the administrative procedures to register your company.

Professional Bank Account

You can't buy a bank account! Be careful because this kind of promise has become commonplace in Dubai. Each bank follows a compliance process, which means that they will analyse your file and judge whether or not your profile meets the requirements. Our experts will guide you step by step through the process to maximise your chances of obtaining the sesame as quickly as possible.

Accounting & Financial Management

In Dubai, bookkeeping for your business is mandatory. It can be simple or more complex (international standards) depending on your business profile. Whatever the case, our entrepreneurial solutions include not only accounting but also our financial management services (planning, invoicing management, cash flow management, dashboards...) in order to better manage your business and maximise your chances of success and your revenues.


Although in many cases you will not have to pay either Corporation Tax or Income Tax, it is necessary to understand the suptilites that will apply to you and your project. In addition to the 5% VAT and a new corporate tax that comes into effect in June 2023 for certain categories of businesses, every year companies in Dubai are required to declare their profits and sometimes even have their accounts audited.


Whether you are a start-up or a growing SME, you may need to raise funds to take your business to the next level. Our analysts and development capital experts will help you develop your strategy, create your file and provide you with the benefit of our investor network.

Strategy & Performance

Every business start-up, whether in Dubai or elsewhere, must be backed up by a strategy..Optimise your internal and external organisation, your human, material and financial resources, with a focus on performance to transform your project into a profitable business step by step. Don't waste time with a business plan, call on our services and discover a methodology based on concrete and 100% customised actions.

Obligations before departure

Setting up a company in Dubai or moving abroad, alone or with your family, requires preparation! There are a number of points to be aware of in order to avoid restrictive and costly mishaps that could spoil your project.

Personal bank account

Opening a personal account is the logical next step in your process and is important to separate the financial flows linked to your professional activity from those of your personal life. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

Residency Visa & Emirates ID Card

Once the steps concerning your company in Dubai have been finalised, you will have to take care of everything related to your person and your family. We will guide you step by step through the process of obtaining your residency visa, your Emirates ID Card and those of your family.

Driving licence - purchase of a vehicle

Once you've settled in, with your visa and ID card in hand, you'll need to take care of your travel arrangements. Unless you have a simple routine, living and working near a metro station, having a car is essential in a city like Dubai. Steps are necessary to obtain an Emirati driving license but above all the purchase of a vehicle must respect certain steps to avoid being ripped off.


Choosing the right insurance to suit your needs is essential if you are to enjoy the high quality of care available in Dubai.

School & Housing

Dubai is a fast-growing emirate and offers a variety of choices for accommodation and schooling for your children. Your budget and your needs will help you identify the best places to put your bags. As for the school, the budget will be a determining factor, but so will the type of course you choose.


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